sustainability- LEED for homes workshop

November 1st 2006, attended LEED for Homes workshop

Summary: Work toward efficiency. Avoid unnecessary waste. Keep our environment clean. Seek creative solutions.

This workshop focused on the fact that as architects we play a large role in the stewardship of our environment, and we have a responsibility to act as a resource to homeowners, builders, and the community on how to preserve and protect this environment. Topics covered key sustainability issues involved in the siting, design and construction of new homes. (To view a copy of the LEED for Home Checklist, see  LEED )

Currently, a whopping 40% of the worlds energy and resource are linked to the construction and maintanence of buildings! We should be looking for any way possible to reduce this figure.

If you share our concerns about environmental waste, related health concerns, global warming, and the massive problems we are facing as a result of our reliance on foreign oil, here are a few websites to check out:,0,11681.story (understand the terms being used)

Take action: ( The Pledge of Allegiance to American Energy Independence)

greenteedesign   wear a fun t-shirt that comments on ways to reduce waste

help save the rainforest   click daily

Sustainable Materials:

In the Boston area:

Recycle construction materials-