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“This sketch shows a basic Solar hot water system for heating your household hot water.
The three main components are; a roof or ground mounted collector, a pump and control station, and a solar cylinder or storage tank. In this set-up, a pre-existing boiler or hot water heater provides back-up heat.

Bright sunshine is not necessary for your system to work.
On cloudy days and in hazy conditions there is usually sufficient solar energy for the system to provide the required amount of heat. Moreover, the solar collectors work well in New England and will still provide sufficient hot water on the coldest winter day.

A basic solar hot water heating system will cost around $6000 installed.
However, there is currently a 30% Federal tax rebate and numerous state incentives that bring this cost down substantially. Massachusetts, for example, has a sales tax exemption as well as an additional 15% state income tax credit. So in Massachusetts, your system will cost you ‘out of pocket’ about $3300 with no sales tax. Other states offer even more incentives.

After the state and federal government help you pay for your Solar hot water system, you will have made the best possible alternative energy investment possible- no other ‘green’ investment is even close.
By way of comparison, a roof top mounted photovoltaic (PV) system to provide electricity for your home will cost around $20,000and take at least twice as long to pay for itself even after all the federal and tax rebates.”

Best Value

“A call to NESHW will result in a prompt visit (within 24 hrs) to asses both potential sites for the collector itself and the state of your existing hot water system. Then, depending on such factors as the number of family members and your general hot water usage patterns, a system is sized and designed to accommodate your existing plumbing components and design. A quote will be returned (by fax, email or FedEx) within 24 hours of the site assessment.

We will also guide you through the various rebate programs as well as special 0% loan options that are available for these systems.

There are a handful of other companies who offer similar products and services. In most cases, these competing firms also offer many other ‘green’ energy products such as wind turbines and the expensive photovoltaics (PV) arrays to produce electricity. These companies offer a ‘boutique’ type service specializing in very expensive installations where the customer is more interested in the peace of mind and prestige associated with a renewable energy supply. Return on investment or payback period are not primary considerations in these situations.

Space heating (Radiant floor heating)
Solar radiant heating uses hot water from collectors just as with a domestic Solar hot water system. Much more water is needed, so more collector area is used. The back-up heater can be a standard tank type water heater and be fueled by gas, oil, or electricity or a gas fired on-demand water heater. In existing radiant system, the Solar hot water system can be plumbed to the existing hot water source which will then serve as a back-up.”

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