why GreenScape?

“By working with nature, you can have a great-looking yard that’s easier to care for, cheaper to maintain and healthier for families, pets, wildlife and the environment.”
                               why GreenScape?

Our yards are our outdoor homes: fun, beautiful, great spaces for relaxing.

By taking care of our lawns and gardens properly, we can save money, time and help the environment.

GreenScaping encompasses a set of landscaping practices that can improve the health and appearance of your lawn and garden while protecting and preserving natural resources.

Save time by landscaping with plants that require less care

Save money by eliminating unnecessary water and chemical use


Know what your soil needs.

A soil test will tell you how much nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and lime your soil needs to grow healthy plants.

Feed your soil with compost. Mulch it!

Plant right for your site

Where is it sunny or shady? What is the pH of your soil?

Pick plants that resist pests.

Make space for wildlife.

Leave wild “buffer” areas of native plants along fencelines.

Practice smart watering for healthier plants

Water deeply, but infrequently.

Direct downspouts out into lawns, rain gardens or “rain barrels.”

Use open pavers, gravel or other pavement options that let rain seep into the soil.

Practice Natural Lawn Care

Mow higher, mow regularly and leave the clippings.

Mow more frequently when grass is actively growing so that you are only cutting no more than one-third of the height of the grass.

Use “natural organic” or “slow-release” fertilizers.


Remember the Four R’s:     Reduce Reuse Recycle Rebuy
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