One Man’s Trash

Check out Kickstarter, a creative new crowd funding site, where anyone with a creative project can submit for public support. Amelia Scarlett, a Loyola Marymount film student in LA, is producing a short on recycling for her senior  project… and she is using Kickstarter.

Model of set (the entire set will be constructed of recycled materials.)

One Man’s Trash is a story about sustainability; the goal of the film is to show people that recycling can also be an art form. The story follows a man who is oblivious both to how wasteful he is and to how his lifestyle is affecting future generations.
The set itself tells a story…The entire room is created with recycled materials including cardboard, newspaper, trash bags, bottles and tins. The goal of this film is to show that recycling doesn’t have to be boring and tedious, it can be creative and artistic.

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