phantom loads

electricity consumed by small electronic devices: 39% used while devices are turned off but in standby mode

“Phantom load is a real problem, but it doesn’t use more juice than operating your equipment. A California study of residential electricity use has determined that 39% of the electricity consumed by small electronic devices (including televisions, set-top boxes, DVD players, and computer equipment) is used while the devices are turned off but operating in standby or phantom load mode. That leaves 61% of the load coming while the devices are being used.

The results of the study contradict the estimates of energy consultants who claim that such devices use more energy when “off” than on. The study was conducted by Ecos Consulting, EPRI Solutions, and RLW Analytics and funded by the California Energy Commission. If you can’t trust them, who can you trust?

So if you’ve been leaving all your stuff on 24/7 because you thought you were saving energy, go back and turn it all off. Then put it all on a switched outlet or a power strip and shut it off. Really off. Because while 39% isn’t more than 61%, according to my math, it’s still way too much.”

Power strip that turns itself off:

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