enrich...simplify...contain...3 elements key to good house design

what do we mean by enrich…simplify…contain

while not the only important elements of good house design, these three concepts seemed to best express what Scarlett Architects focuses on in the design of every project. Following is a summary of what we believe is important:

3 elements key to good house design


Meaning, connection, cultural and symbolic associations expressed in home’s personality

Nature integrated at many levels, indoor/outdoor connections, sustainability, exhibit materials best qualities—oiled woods, unpolished stone, 100% wool carpet

Handicraft as well as technology, hand-drawn sketches and plans add human dimension to the design process—illustrating architectural character—while integrating house technology accommodates modern lifestyle; internet ports; flat-screen plasma television; built-in sound system; central vacuum; gas-fireplaces; air-conditioning…


Make day-to-day life easier by orchestrating activities and directing traffic flow

Reduce stress by streamlining choice complexity during the design and building process, and in the simplicity of design in the finished home

Smaller building footprint with same or better functionality and appearance

Curb appeal, assistance with architectural choices for the exterior to best express personal and regional design aesthetics and implied social status


A place for everything, all belongings having their own separate, accessible, organized and efficiently labeled (or otherwise signified) spaces… think mud room, front entry, kitchen, family room, playroom, kids rooms.

Custom space planning and generic storage based on in-depth of understanding of space needs gathered through questionnaires, interviews and design reviews.

Lower cost achieved by structuring spaces to allow multi-tasking—dining room as library, family room as Thanksgiving dining area, guest room as home office…

Designing for real needs versus mindlessly accepting generalized or popular design assumptions. Is the double sink better than extra counter space in master bath? Will a Jacuzzi tub get enough use to justify the square footage and expense? Is the kitchen triangle working for your needs?…)