TIP   Paint chips can be very deceiving. Always test paint colors in a large swath, at lease 2x3 feet, on opposing walls and under different light conditions to make sure you like it, before all the walls are painted that color.

Rent a quart

Many paint stores have small tester colors that you can buy to paint an area of the wall, which can be very helpful in testing a color, on opposing wall, or in different lights.

Some stores will have a small paint rental program with 50-100 available colors. Debsan in Natick created a one-of-a-kind system where a homeowner can come to his store and rent a quart of any Benjamin Moore Color for just $4.

How it works: Take a quart home and test it on the wall or on our poster board. Return the quart in one week. If they don’t already have a quart of the color you want, they will mix it up and add it to their shelves.

Debsan 25 Main Street Natick MA, 01760 508-653-1360