little gems: multiuse solar powered pavers

Iceberg Mini $15 each

unlease your creativity

according to the literature from solar lightd factory, “Our Iceberg Mini solar LED lights shoot brilliant color from within its enveloping glass frame. Hermetically sealed to block out water and dust. Ultra bright LEDs visible hundreds of meters away. The Iceberg is a paver light by design, but our customers have assigned them a wide variety of uses. Some have sprinkled them at events such as weddings to add a touch of color. Others have used them as table top lighting at restaurants to rave reviews.”

“Easy installation. Zero maintenance. Totally self-contained light. No wires, no transformers, no external power sources, no electricity bills, immune to power outages. Photo sensors turn it on automatically at dusk and turns it off during the day. Easy installation: 1) find a place with sunlight 2) dig a hole 3) put it there. Can be paired with wood, stone, cement, dirt, grass, and more.

crisp, brilliant color

This requires absolutely no explanation. Our retail line of Icebergs come in four bright colors - white, green, blue, and red. They’re bright.

hermetically sealed

Our Iceberg solar lights have an Ingress Protection rating of IP68, the highest possible rating. They’re as dust- and water- proof as they come. Rain or shine, dust storm or thunder storm, your lights will be fine. We’ve been testing them by throwing them into swimming pools and letting them sit for months - they’re still going strong.

tough, industrial glass casing

Not only is our Iceberg extremely durable - they can bear up to 2 metric tonnes - but they let the LEDs shine beautifully.”

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