solar tubes: free energy lighting option

solatubes simple ducted mini-skylight devices that bring daylight to interior rooms; even first floor halls and basements can benefit from these energy free “light fixtures”…

solatubes have reflective mylar liners that bring light deep into the house… they also have a damper switch that allows them to be “turned off,” so the light can be blocked out when room darkening is needed.

interior hallway before

solatube added,

same hallway after

carbon reduction is another reason to use solar tubes is described by sunpipe  who cliams to be “a major carbon dioxide footprint reducer since 1991 (a reduction of 650 Lbs carbon/Yr/SP-13 based on 300 watts of energy savings 5 hours/day x 5 days/week.)”

the average solatube  daylight system product costs range from $250- $400 each, and can be installed fairly easily by homeowners.