mezzanine looking out bay window
 sitting area in bay
 reed glass stair rail
 bookshelf, stair and fireplace
 gas river stone fireplace
 walk in closets
 w.i.c and stair
 bedroom from dressing area
 bed  headboard built-ins
 Originally the extra large bedroom had only one adjacent closet that consisted of a 7x14 room with a single door.  The clients were not happy with the vast open space that lacked detail and character, and felt the room was not intimate or family friendly. They wanted a room where they could have their small kids hang out in the bedroom with them.  To reduce the height of the room we added a small balcony for a study, with access to an adjacent train room.  The television, fireplace and book shelves all added a hangout feeling to the space.  The dressing area, behind the bed and adjacent to the master bath, was beautifully handcrafted with inlayed wood and glass.
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