a new look for carpet tiles (it's green, too!)

“…green design can be both beautiful and functional.  That philosophy is certainly something we hold near and dear to our collective hearts at FLOR.”

what is flor?

A Responsible Choice

FLOR believes in a closed-loop product life cycle, which means we carefully consider our environmental-footprint in every step along the way: design, manufacturing, use, delivery and reclaiming old FLOR.

  • Design: FLOR is designed with the end in mind. Our 19.7-inch squares are beautiful, functional and recyclable.
  • Manufacturing: Our manufacturing processes are as energy-efficient as possible. We use renewable energy sources and technologies which help reduce our emissions and waste.
  • Use: FLOR’s modular, square format means that it is a flexible, practical and scalable design system.
  • Delivery: FLOR is efficiently packaged in easy-to-manage boxes delivered direct to your door.
  • Reclaiming: FLOR is designed to be taken apart so face fibers and backing materials can be recycled into new product through our Return & Recycle Program.

check out the new boston store:
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Boston, MA 02116
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